Care and Cleaning Instructions

CorStone sinks are designed and engineered to resist scratches and stains when used properly. The durable finish will resist food acids and should not stain under normal kitchen use. Improper use can and may damage this sink or its finish and void the warranty.
Please review the following instructions carefully before using your sink.

How to Clean Your CorStone Sink

• Rinse the sink thoroughly after every use.

• Sink scratches can be buffed and polished with a non-wax auto polish.

• Common household bleach may be used to spruce up and sanitize your sink. Although the cast acrylic surface will not absorb stains, occasionally a residue will build up on the surface. Simply wipe with bleach to remove.

• The use of abrasive cleaners is not necessary as wiping with a soft cloth or sponge and liquid soap will remove any residue.

• The use of abrasive cleaners will void the warranty and dull the finish of the sink.

Using Your Sink

• For years of satisfactory use and service, your sink should be rinsed thoroughly and dried with a soft towel after every use.

• Wipe-down with a solution of bleach and water in the bowl once a week. Towel dry and your sink will sparkle and shine.

• The use of protective mats, racks or dishpans in this sink is recommended. Regular cleaning and rinsing underneath mats will help maintain your sink.

• Always use a cutting board or sink protector when using knives or sharp objects in the sink.

• Do not leave wet dishrags, sponges or cleaning pads in your sink as the residue may discolor and dry on the sink surface.

• Steel wool pads should never be used on your sink or left on the surface areas as small particles of iron may rust and embed into the sink surface.

• Restore surface with a non-wax auto polish.

• Never pour or place hot grease or pots directly into your sink. Wait until pot and contents have cooled before placing in sink.

• Remember, if you do happen to damage this sink, minor cuts or scratches can be buffed and polished to restore the finish.